Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lots happening but not enough to move in before Christmas

We have been away and have come back to quite a bit of work done. We now have lockup. Internal walls/ceilings are finished and are ready to start painting. Wet areas are being done and kitchen being installed. This means the house will be just about finished before Christmas and then we will need to wait until end January for them to start again. Can't imagine what else would need to be done after that, other than the carpet and driveway.

This means another month of paying almost full mortgage and rent. Not easy, especially around Christmas. I guess we can pack and organise over the Christmas break ready for moving. Whoopy.

Have an inspection next week with the SS. We haven't been inside during the build because any time we have been there, no one else has, so I hope we don't find any major problems. Will post pictures after that.

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